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Recycle Alchemy Deodorant paper plastic-free green earth

Plastic-Free Packaging

The US generates 300 million metric tons of waste a year - less than a third of that is recycled or composted. Our deodorant comes in a sexy PAPER tube that is 100% recyclable. And even our shipping materials are fully composable!

Natural and Vegan beauty Alchemy Deodorant plant-based skin

All-Natural and Vegan Formula

No aluminum, baking soda, parabens, or phthalates. Perfect for even the most sensitive skin keeping those pits moisturized and smelling fine.

Atlanta US Alchemy Deodorant hand-crafted atlanta art sustainable

Handmade in the USA

Alchemy Deodorant was founded in Atlanta, Georgia. We make every stick by hand in small batches with love using state-of-the-art pots and pans.

Budget Alchemy Deodorant inexpensive cheap best

Budget Friendly

Selling for only $7.99, our product is on average $4 to $5 less expensive than other comparable brands.

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Happy Alchemists

I was recommended Alchemy by a friend and I’m glad I bought it. I chose Cosmic Dream and it smells fantastic! I love the earth-friendly packaging and how well the deodorant works. It being reasonably priced is an extra bonus. I’ll honestly only buy this deodorant until I die. Thanks :)


I was a little skeptical in regard to if it would work as effectively as my basic deodorant and WOW it was even better than the Old Spice deodorant I have used for years!


This deodorant has kept me drier than any antiperspirant I've ever used, and with no side effects like the others.


Not only does this deodorant smell amazing but also, is as effective and lasting as the antiperspirant deodorant I have used in the past.


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